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  • My Letter to Wendell Berry

    Two and a half years ago (2011) I wrote to Wendell Berry. I had just turned 30 and, reflecting back upon my life, I felt the need to write him a letter of thanks for the guiding force his words had been to me. At the time, I had known of his work for ten…

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  • Take Five — A Theme This Year

    ONE word for the new year. One word to describe the theme for your year? Friends here in Amsterdam decided this was a better way to do the traditional New Years Resolution. Instead of making resolutions that are unfortunately shorter than that new gym membership, what can we make of the year if we call…

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  • The Things I Fear

    When I came to Amsterdam, I sold most of my possessions, or put them on the curb to watch them all be picked through by my neighbors. It felt rather freeing, actually: to be so free of material possessions. It may be a bit cliché to say so, but it’s really how I felt. I…

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  • Memories of Alabama

    A while back, a memory came to me vividly — more so than most memories do. At the time, I was feeling homesick. I doubted what I was doing here in Amsterdam. I wanted to have a home. “Why do I keep leaving home?” I asked myself. My memory was from my childhood: a boy,…

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