While Having Coffee in Denver

It’s funny the direction life takes you, and how there is a path in the midst of the mess it often appears to be. I often feel I am wandering in a woods with no clear path, but looking back I see a path that was well carved. I don’t quite believe in life having a determined fate, but one that is constantly changing with the different paths we take. That said, I do have a faith that I will arrive at a destination that will serve me and others well. Better yet, I am excited of the journey I will take, knowing that I still have rough roads ahead. What would life look like without good discomfort? I desire to live a life well lived, and one full of meaning — however I attribute that. I do fear that discomfort, but I have faith in the sweetness of rest that will follow. And so I am not starting a new journey when I move to Amsterdam, but am continuing on with an old journey that has served me well thus far. Though I sometimes doubt the progress I have made, I know that I have lived well and know that I can live better.


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