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  • From Portland to Amsterdam via Seattle

    As the plane rounds onto the runway from the tarmac and the engines started to rev to full acceleration, it begins to hit me: I’m leaving America. In the past month, I haven’t had time to think or feel anything. It has felt so surreal. Saying goodbyes to friends hasn’t felt like long goodbyes, but…

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  • While Having Coffee in Denver

    It’s funny the direction life takes you, and how there is a path in the midst of the mess it often appears to be. I often feel I am wandering in a woods with no clear path, but looking back I see a path that was well carved. I don’t quite believe in life having…

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  • Ignorant Pilgrim

    This passage comes from Wendell Berry’s novel “Jayber Crow”. I’m heavily struck each time I read this. I relate so much to how the character, Jayber, feels here. I love this. If you could do it, I suppose, it would be a good idea to live your life in a straight line—starting, say in the…

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  • Josef Sudek – Contorted Trees

    I’ve loved the work of Josef Sudek ever since I accidentally stumbled upon a large book of his prints in my university’s library. In school, I’d often wander the aisles of the photography section, searching for divine inspiration through the works of old masters. In my discovery of the “Poet of Prague” I found a…

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