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  • Ramblings on the Now

    In photography, the now becomes the past. The moment I press the shutter, the world is how I make it. I can make the past what I want it to be. I am comfortable with the past, with the present I am not, and with the future I don’t know. Our past shapes who we are. But…

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  • Thoughts on Thoughts

    I’ve thought often about the use of this site. Part of me is content with the content on this site, though ill-content with my prolificacy. I manage to keep myself busy with various small and large projects across the board from photography, video, design to written words. When first building out this site, I was hesitate about…

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  • The Future of Sudan

    The story of Sudan is a complicated story, so it’s no wonder many are unsure what exactly is happening in Africa’s largest country. It has been an embittered battle fought on many fronts composed of many different tribes, languages, and religions, and lasting for decades. Since 1955, two civil wars have been fought between the…

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  • Online Distraction

    Yes, I know. It has been a long time since I’ve written here on this blog. Well, much of the reason that I haven’t is actually a result of the topic that I’ve wanted to write about: distraction. I wanted to write. Really I did. I also wanted to read the books on my bookshelf.…

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